Investment Management & Consulting

While no investment strategy is guaranteed to help you retire comfortably (or 10 years early), our Provisio financial advisors are here to manage the investment process. Our job is to help you take the emotions out of investing – and we take that responsibility seriously. We know what is at stake.

Our investment management strategies are customized to address your mid and long-term goals. Our aim is to make the most of after-tax returns for every level of risk. Our clients range in age from mid-30s to early 70s – we understand the different risk tolerances Alaskans have when it comes to their investments.

We’ll work closely with you to design, implement, and monitor an investment management strategy that reflects your specific investment objectives and tolerance for risk. We actively monitor your portfolio, looking for opportunities to build on successes and minimize losses.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning provides a clearly defined legal mechanism for the distribution or disposal of property to heirs in a manner that follows your wishes. While you may need an experienced attorney to draft the documents you’ll need, we counsel clients on financially appropriate ways to plan for the proper disposal of their estates.

By helping create a personalized estate plan, Provisio can develop a wealth accumulation plan that sets you on a course to preserve your assets, maximize your portfolio, and provide a financial legacy for your family and future generations. Estate and legacy planning play vital roles providing guidance in your financial decision-making, helping to shape your tax planning and simplifying estate settlement while providing financial guidance for your family and heirs.

We advise and assist clients with developing will-based plan, trust-based plan, Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, beneficiary reviews, and more. Throughout our relationship we review your financial accounts together and discuss your goals for the disposition of your assets.

Retirement Planning

Whether you plan to remain in Alaska or head south to warmer weather during your retirement, we know you’ll have a lifestyle you want to maintain. Your financial future relies on a solid wealth building plan and a retirement plan that minimizes expenses and preserves your wealth. We take the time to listen to your vision. We can walk you through IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities, and small-business retirement plans. Then we work hard to develop a retirement plan that will pursue your needs.

Our advisors are experienced at managing 401(k) accounts, SIMPLE IRA plans, and other retirement savings plans. Ask us about our retirement plan management services.

Self Employed

Self-employed Alaskans have distinct financial needs that require a strong knowledge of small business finance. Our advisors have worked with small business owners for nearly twenty years. We have self-employed financial management experience that focuses maximizing your earnings, savings, and retirement.

Tax Planning & Minimization

Wealth accumulation can be negatively affected by tax consequences. Whether you need counselling about year-end planning, deduction allowances, reducing taxable income, or minimization of inheritance taxes, Provisio advisors have you covered. We will gladly work in conjunction and coordinate with your personal tax consultant professional.

Investment tax planning can be complex. We are here to reduce tax stress and to provide recommendations to help you reduce tax impact. We can help you sort out the implications of investment strategies such as: • Tax-exempt investments • Qualified dividends • Mutual funds • Passive income and losses • 1031 exchanges.

Financial Liability Review

Provisio provides Alaskans with a personalized analysis of your financial liabilities. We discuss reducing your long-term debt while managing current liabilities. We can help restructure your debt and other liabilities so you can concentrate on your retirement goals and fulfill the vision you have for your financial future. Ask us about this specialized service.