Our Company

Provisio was founded in 2009 as an independent financial advisor firm, seeking to focus on wealth building and management strategies for Alaskan individuals and families. Our firm is highly engaged with our clients. We strive to create personal relationships that go deeper than traditional broker-client relationships. We partnered with LPL Financial to provide us access to the latest in financial account management software and other technologies.

Utilizing modern technology for a greener cleaner client experience, we pride ourselves in offering environmentally-friendly options such as paperless statements, prospectuses by email, online confirmations, and offer 24/7 online account access through LPL Financial’s web portal. Our office actively recycles supplies and equipment, and supports local environmentally-conscious events and activities.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our goal at Provisio is to enhance long-term returns and reduce adverse financial impacts during wealth accumulation. We do this by educating and guiding our clients to help maximize their financial potential.

We endeavour to assist individuals, families, and small business owners with personal financial issues and long-term planning. Our investment philosophy supports asset allocation and diversification. We provide a reasonable fee-based structure for management of accounts, and excel at creating long-term professional relationships.

Our mission is to help our clients live a more confident life knowing they have provided for their loved ones, ensured their families financial future, and will retire comfortably enjoying their true passions and interests.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.